Property Script v 1.21

Responsive CMS PHP Script for Real Estate Property Listings.

Developed from the ground up in PHP within the stable & fast Symfony v4 Framework

Welcome To Property Script

By far the most innovative script for your own propertly listing website with all the modern futures you can think off.

Easy to use admin management

Property Script does not require any skills. It has been built so anyone can easily manage the entire website itself as well as add, edit and remove properties

Main website properties includes changing your logo, your contact information and the ability to upload ready-made themes/templates.

More than 10+ languages & currencies

Property Script enables you to use several languages and multiple currencies on your property website making it easy to use for users from different countries. Your website visitors can simply can click on the language flag to change the language of choice.

Property Script currently supports the following languages: Arabic, Dutch, French, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai and more will follow.

SEO Friendly

Property Script's Search Engine Optimalization makes sure that your website will be more easy to search for in search engines such as Google and Bing as well as SEO Friendly links for each individual property listing.

Within the CMS of Property Script you will be able to optimize this even further.

Fully Responsive & Multiple Icons

Property Script is fully responsive by using Bootstrap v4 enabling your visitor to view your site on any device by automatically resizing and re-positioning components of your website for easy navigation.

With the implementation of Font Awesome v5, your visitors will get fast loading icons for all features and/or amenities which you can also change or remove within the CMS.

Easy Installation

Property Script can be easily installed on any domain and webserver without requiring root access comparable to WordPress.

Templates/Themes can be downloaded and also easily installed within the CMS as well as modified

Availability of FREE version

Property Script offers a completely FREE version if you only use English as language and do not require any free support.

There is a paid version available to enable multiple languages and currencies, free support, several website templates/themes and extra add-ons. For an overview and comparison of all the features between the versions, visit the download page.

Become a part of the Property Script business community today.

Make 5 unique themes for the Free Version of Property Script and get rewarded with a lifetime License!

Why Choose Property Script

We are work for any types of business.

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Our Versions

Property Script comes in 2 available versions. While the Paid version includes everything, for the Free version you are able to purchase additional options.

FREE Version

$ 0


Ideal for trying out or if you only need English

ALL Basic Functions

English Only

1 Currency

NO Support

1 FREE Template

Copyright Non-Editable

PAID Version

$ 1,495


If you require all functionality and for webdevelopers to sell to their clients

ALL Basic Functions

ALL Languages

ALL Currencies

FREE Support

5 FREE Templates

Copyright Editable

Optional Updates
For FREE Version

1 Additional Language

$ 295

1 Additional Currency

$ 195

1 Additional Template

$ 195

Copyright Editable

$ 295


Working Hours


Downloads (Free)


Downloads (Purchased)

Our Latest Updates

Our latest Version Updates will be published here,
as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Property Script has been updated to Version 1.21, see version history on the website

08 Apr 2019 - 14:07

Property Script has been updated to Version 1.2, see version history on the website

05 Jan 2019 - 10:02

Property Script will add support for 2 more currencies and the languages Thai and Dutch in next update 1.2

18 Dec 2018

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